Corporate Actions

Triple B Advisory has experienced worked with many corporates from different industries, such as Mining, Insurance, Telco, etc. We Provides Solution and to assist corporates needs such as Distress Debt & Assets Management, Merger & Acquisition, Restructuring and Bankruptcy (PKPU), and Pre-IPO.

Distressed Debt & Assets Management

Distressed Debt and Asset Management Services is to assist specific client’s goal and to help them design strategies and deliver solutions to enable clients to address their complex needs.

Triple B Advisory helps clients create opportunities for liquidity, growth, and long- term advantage. Our professionals have the technical and industry experience to provide unbiased advice and the necessary perspective to help companies considering distressed debt and assets strategies.

Merger & Acquisition

The Objective of Merger and Acquisition is to gain the synergies and performance within the group or new entity so that the company’s value will increase. Our assists don’t stop when a deal is over, we act as long-term partners to our Clients, helping them with financing needs on an ongoing basis as their businesses continue to grow.

Our M&A services are costume as client needs, the offerings are:

  1. Identified the potential as a buyer or seller side of corporate
  2.  Evaluating M&A proposal, scanning potential and risk on early stage
  3. Facilitating dialogue with counterparties
  4. Providing due diligence stage or supplied independent due diligence party
  5. Deal structuring
  6. Leveraging our relationships with funds to secure acquisition finance
  7. Coordinating the production of all relevant documentation, managing information flow, and executing the deal from start to finish.
  8. Liaising with legal advisors, to ensure all transactions and process is legal and obliged by parties.
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